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Van Den Eynde Super Roach Groundbait, All the ingredients in Superoach groundbait have been specifically formulated to attract and stimulate roach of all sizes. Its versatility enables the angler to obtain the perfect mixture for carrying small hookbait particles, such as hemp or caster, necessary when laying down a bed of feed. Brilliant for either balling in or feeding in smaller soft balls on a regular basis. Used confidently on any type of venue/river, lake or canal. Superoach is also available in black for use on clear or hard fished waters where roach may be wary. Mixing Instructions: Place the dry groundbait into a mixing bowl and blend before adding water. Add water slowly whilst vigorously stirring the mix together. Break up any lumps which develop by rubbing them between your palms. When you feel the mixture is damp enough, set it aside for 5-10 minutes to allow the moisture to be fully absorbed. You will find before use a little more water may be added to the mix. In some circumstances this groundbait is more effective when mixed well in advance of its required use time.