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Tell Me About the MAP Z30 Elite Seat Box

If you want to be the best in your sport, you need a seatbox that's been designed, tested, and developed to make you feel like a winner.  With every stage of MAP's design, devlopment, and rigorous testing procedures taking place in the UK, and all of that research and experience coming together, over the course of four years, to create a truly remarkable match fishing essential, the MAP Z30 Elite Seat Box is the pinnacle of performance perfection, and sets you up in throne-like comfort, so you're fully prepared to bring in the match-winning haul that sees you crowned King or Queen of the match fishing catch.

Bringing you everything you need to get through the most active and arduous match fishing session in effortless style, the Z30 Seat Box Standard Package brings you the complete seat box for all your competitive angling needs, including a shallow drawer unit, deep drawer unit,  a shallow tray unit, a stacker lid with carry handle, a padded pole seat with pole support, 30mm diameter legs with telescopic inserts, and large, swivel mud feet, for complete, immovable stability in any weather, on any bankside, a sliding footplate with twist lock locking pins, which hold the footplate firmly and securely, giving you a completely stable platform on which to stand and make those potentially match-winning distance casts, all on a surprisingly lightweight, yet completely durable, aluminium frame, which comes complete with a padded carry strap, so you can get your seatbox quickly and easily out to your peg, without feeling the strain.

MAP's totally unique stacking system, with rubberised, waterproof seals, gives you the ultimate storage practicality, while performance is more than taken care of by the unique QRS handwheels, which feature a 180 degree, space-saving pivot.

What Discipline Is It For?

The competition doesn't start when you ship your poles; in a match fishing scenario, the competition begins on the peg, and is all about who has the most comfortable and practical seat box.  Comfortable practicality sets you ahead of the competition in any match fishing tournament, and, with the Z30 Elite, MAP's flagship seat box package, your competitive angling is off to a flying start – even if the peg you've drawn is far from flying.

Why Should I Buy It?

Ready to fish from the moment you set it up, with everything you need for a successful match fishing tournament, the MAP Z30 Elite also offers additional performance potential through the range of QRS accessories, which are available separately, and complement the already-comprehensive performance and superior style of this flagship seat box, whose legs feature threaded screw inserts, ready to house a full range of accessories.

Completed with sleek graphics that will ensure this is the best box at any venue, this is a style and performance combination you don't want to be without.

If you're looking for a seat box that gives you complete comfort, water-resistant storage, and intuitive practicality throughout your tournament, with the peace of mind that comes from one of match fishing's leading names, then the Z30 Elite from Map is the all-in-one seat box package for you, combining form and function in one high-quality, value for money angling essential that's tailored to give you and your fishing the ultimate competitive edge.

Easy to carry to your peg, thanks to the comfort of the padded shoulder strap, and the seat box's lightweight aluminium frame, MAP really have thought of everything in designing and crafting the Z30; you can see why it took them four years to bring this stand-out success story from concept to completion, and you can trust that it will serve you well for many years more than that, no matter how frequently you're competing, and how much you expect of your seat box during each and every competitive session.

What's The Best Thing About It?

With so much to like about this seat box package, it's hard to pick just one element that stands out, and makes this the right choice for all your match fishing needs. At the end of the day, however, it has to be the way that comfort and performance have been carefully blended, so that they only enhance one another. No element in the design of this comprehensive package detracts from any other; everything comes together seamlessly, just the way your knowledge and technique come together for a seamless performance on match day, and it's that perfect blend and balance that makes the MAP Z30 Elite Seat Box Package such an obvious, performance-enhancing choice for the avid match fishing enthusiast.