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Although balsa has long been the first material choice for manufacturing pole floats, here at MAP were realised that more and more people are targeting big fish, and big match weights, so strength is crucial in pole float design.This is why our new range of pole floats all feature super tough foam bodies. Another major benefit is unlike balsa, foam does not take on water, which cause floats to sink. The SF2 has been a favourite with the MAP boys for a while. Its shape make is ideal for fishing shallow, especially when dealing with a slight breeze. Use it with a the bulk of shot midway between the float and the hook.


  • Only 6.5cm in length they are perfect for fishing extremely shallow
  • Is ideal for 'slapping'
  • Foam body
  • 1.0mm glass stem
  • 2.0mm Hi-Vis hollow bristle
  • Standard side eye